Year at a Glance

July 2020

Club Officer Trainings:

Jul 1

District officers terms begin • District Leadership Report due • Club officers terms begin

Jul 15

District Realignment Report due to WHQ

July 19

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Steering Committee meeting (online)

August 2020

Club Officer Trainings:

Aug 1

Smedley Award membership-building program begins

Aug 23

DEC meeting for budget, officers & other business.

Aug 24

Deadline for Call to Meeting (CTM) for District Council on 9/24

Aug 24-29

Online International Convention (see for more)

Aug 31

Deadline for: summer Club Officer training season
Appointment of District Officers • Closure of records for 2019-20 year

September 2020

Sep 13

Steering Committee Meeting 7-9pm

Sep 24

Online District Council Business Meeting 6:30 - 8:30pm

Sep 30

Deadlines for: budget • Area Director training • Smedley Award ends • fall dues renewal • Division Council #1 • Area Council #1

October 2020

Train the trainer events

Oct 1

Q1 Profit & Loss Statement due

Oct 4

DEC Meeting 7-9 pm

Oct 31

Deadline for Club Officer Training reports

November 2020

Club Officer Trainings:

Nov 1

Steering Committee Meeting 8-9 pm
Deadline to appoint District Leadership Committee (DLC) chair
Deadline to appoint Audit Committee

Nov 7

Standing Novation? (Hudson Valley?)

Nov 30

Deadline for Area Director Reports

December 2020

Club Officer Trainings:

Dec 1

Deadline for DLC membership confirmation

Dec 6

Steering Committee, 8-9 pm

Dec 15

First deadline to inform DLC of intent to run as nominated candidate.

Dec 31

Officer lists due for clubs with semi-annual terms

January 2021

Club Officer Trainings:

Jan 1-31

Club Humorous and International Speech Contests

Jan 3

DEC Meeting 7-9 pm

Jan 15

Deadline to call for District officer nominations

Jan 23

JanJam (Manchester?)

Jan 31

Deadline for: Division Council #2, Area Council #2
Club Contests Conclude

February 2021

Club Officer Trainings:

Feb 1-28

Area Humorous and International Speech Contests

Feb 1

Deadline for candidates to declare intent to run for 2021-22.
Mid-year Audit Committee to receive sources & documentation
Start of Talk Up Toastmasters! membership-building program

Feb 7

Steering Committee, 8-9 pm

Feb 13

FebFest (Connecticut Shoreline?)

Feb 15

Mid-year audit & H1 financials due

Feb 28

Deadline for winter Club Officer training
Area Contests Conclude

March 2021

Mar 1-31

Division Humorous and International Speech Contests

Mar 14

Steering Committee Meeting, 8-9 pm

Mar 27

Deadline for DLC Report

Mar 31

Deadline for spring dues renewal
End of Talk Up Toastmasters! membership program
Division Contests Conclude

April 2021

Apr 19

DEC Meeting, 7-9 pm

Apr 25

Steering Committee Meeting, 8-9 pm

Apr 30

Q3 Profit & Loss Statement due

May 2021

Elections of club officers

May 1

Deadline for “floor candidates” to announce candidacies (I)
Beat the Clock! membership-building program begins

May 3

Deadline for “floor candidates” to announce candidacies (II)

May 8

potential conference date #1 — Sheraton @ Bradley Airport

May 15

potential conference date #2 — Marriott, Day Hill Road

May 31

Deadline for spring Area Director reports
District deadline to report elected senior officers to WHQ

June 2021

Club Officer Trainings:

Jun 13

District Leaders Training for 2021-22

Jun 20

District Executive Committee Transition meeting

Jun 30

End of District officers’ and club officers’ terms
Beat the Clock! membership-building campaign ends.