Year at a Glance

July 2020

Club Officer Trainings:

Jul 1

District officers terms begin • District Leadership Report due • Club officers terms begin

Jul 15

District Realignment Report due to WHQ

July 19

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Steering Committee meeting (online)

August 2020

Club Officer Trainings:

Aug 1

Smedley Award membership-building program begins

Aug 23

DEC meeting for budget, officers & other business.

Aug 24

Deadline for Call to Meeting (CTM) for District Council on 9/24

Aug 24-29

Online International Convention (see for more)

Aug 31

Deadline for: summer Club Officer training season
Appointment of District Officers • Closure of records for 2019-20 year

September 2020

Sep 13

Steering Committee Meeting 7-9pm

Sep 24

Online District Council Business Meeting 6:30 - 8:30pm

Sep 30

Deadlines for: budget • Area Director training • Smedley Award ends • fall dues renewal • Division Council #1 • Area Council #1

October 2020

Train the trainer events

Oct 1

Q1 Profit & Loss Statement due

Oct 4

DEC Meeting 7-9 pm

Oct 31

Deadline for Club Officer Training reports

November 2020

Club Officer Trainings:

Nov 1

Steering Committee Meeting 8-9 pm
Deadline to appoint District Leadership Committee (DLC) chair
Deadline to appoint Audit Committee

Nov 7

Standing Novation? (Hudson Valley?)

Nov 30

Deadline for Area Director Reports

December 2020

Club Officer Trainings:

Dec 1

Deadline for DLC membership confirmation

Dec 6

Steering Committee, 8-9 pm

Dec 15

First deadline to inform DLC of intent to run as nominated candidate.

Dec 31

Officer lists due for clubs with semi-annual terms

January 2021

Club Officer Trainings:

Jan 1-31

Club Humorous and International Speech Contests

Jan 3

DEC Meeting 7-9 pm

Jan 15

Deadline to call for District officer nominations

Jan 23

JanJam (Manchester?)

Jan 31

Deadline for: Division Council #2, Area Council #2
Club Contests Conclude

February 2021

Club Officer Trainings:

Feb 1-28

Area Humorous and International Speech Contests

Feb 1

Deadline for candidates to declare intent to run for 2021-22.
Mid-year Audit Committee to receive sources & documentation
Start of Talk Up Toastmasters! membership-building program

Feb 7

Steering Committee, 8-9 pm

Feb 13

FebFest (Connecticut Shoreline?)

Feb 15

Mid-year audit & H1 financials due

Feb 28

Deadline for winter Club Officer training
Area Contests Conclude

March 2021

Mar 1-31

Division Humorous and International Speech Contests

Mar 14

Steering Committee Meeting, 8-9 pm

Mar 27

Deadline for DLC Report

Mar 31

Deadline for spring dues renewal
End of Talk Up Toastmasters! membership program
Division Contests Conclude

April 2021

Apr 19

DEC Meeting, 7-9 pm

Apr 25

Steering Committee Meeting, 8-9 pm

Apr 30

Q3 Profit & Loss Statement due

May 2021

Elections of club officers

May 1

Deadline for “floor candidates” to announce candidacies (I)
 Beat the Clock! membership-building program begins

May 6

District Humorous Speech Contest

May 8

District Council Business Meeting
District International Speech Contest

May 15

Spring Conference:

  • Virtual Workshops
  • Hall of Fame
  • Installation of Officers

May 16

Leadership Session with Johnny Campbell

May 31

Deadline for spring Area Director reports
District deadline to report elected senior officers to WHQ

June 2021

Club Officer Trainings:

Jun 13

District Leaders Training for 2021-22

Jun 20

District Executive Committee Transition meeting

Jun 30

End of District officers’ and club officers’ terms
Beat the Clock! membership-building campaign ends.