Who Is Following You?

  • July 12, 2019 by Steve Lanning ACS ALB, Division F Director 2018-2020
Business-people looking at laptop screen

As a Leader, you’re more effective if people willingly follow your lead. This would mean that they have “bought into” and support your vision. Clearly communicating your vision in early July goes a long way toward completing your Club Success Plan by the end of July, and reaching Distinguished status the following June. That clarity also helps you successfully delegate various tasks.

How you gain their buy-in to your vision depends on your Leadership Style, as outlined in most of the paths in PATHWAYS Level 2. That project assessment categorizes 8 Leadership styles across many personality types, and helps you determine and fine tune your Leadership style. (All the more incentive to get to Pathways L2.)

You can gain buy-in almost effortlessly by answering a team member’s “why (should I do this?)” and “WIIFM” (What’s in it for me?) questions. Understanding their answers right away is essential to planning how to lead them and gain their buy-in to your vision.

My Club trains all 7 Officers (or Offices) in Summer and Winter now. As President 4 years ago, I asked the Officers to pledge that they would attend both trainings for the good of the Club. They bought into the Club benefit, and we made Presidents Distinguished that year and have every year since. It has become part of our Club culture now. Not 4 trained, but all 7. Every time.

We spread that pledge across all of Area 61 last year, and 68 of our 70 Offices (vs. Officers) attended a training session. We’re working on the rest of the Division this year.

Make sure that your team members feel rewarded for their achievements as your vision unfolds over the course of the year. Those rewards will validate their buy-in, and they will be more willing to buy-in to your next big thing. To gain their buy-in, answer their two essential questions. WHY? and WIIFM? Their buy-in is essential to your vision’s success.