What are your club’s Moments of Truth?

  • October 10, 2018
Bette McIntire

Dear D53 Toastmasters,

The October 2018 issue of ​Toastmaster Magazine featured Lark Doley, suggesting 7 questions be asked of guests visiting your club. She believes that the answers to these questions give the officers some insights to who the guests are and what are their specific interests. These questions also serve to hold the officers accountable for implementing what is part of their job responsibilities. 

In addition, how do we better serve our existing members? When was the last time your club surveyed each member? Or ran a Moments of Truth exercise? Moments of Truth focuses on 6 key areas; first impressions, membership orientation, fellowship variety and communication, program planning and meeting organization, membership strength and achievement recognition. These are also the focus areas the Area Directors will evaluate when they visit your clubs this month! Conducting a Moments of Truth will help your club focus on club quality and as Lark will say, “make your club GOLD!” Consider running one this month and knowing what improvements your club can make. And while you’re at it, send those focus areas to Linda Farley, your Program Quality director, and get a $25 gift certificate!

Let’s all focus on the GOLD this year.

Yours in service,

Bette McIntire, DTM
District 53 Director

Moments of Truth