Volunteers Wanted

We need people who have enthusiasm, interest or who just want to learn. The following positions are needed: Demo Team Volunteers, New Club Sponsors, New Club Mentors, and Club Revitalization volunteers.

Hands Raised to Volunteer

Demo Team Volunteers

When we want to start a new club we need to demonstrate what a typical Toastmasters Club looks like, so we offer the new prospects a “demo meeting.” We seek enthusiastic Toastmasters who are able to answer the prospect’s questions and are capable of demonstrating the typical roles and responsibilities of a club. It is important that we fill the basic meeting roles, bring good marketing materials, show enthusiasm, and keep the meeting on time.

New Club Sponsors

When a new club forms, the sponsors help with the basic operations of the club until it charters. These sponsors assist the club in understanding how to recruit members, fill out applications, and run quality meetings.

New Club Mentors

After chartering, the mentors stay with the club for six months to a year. During that time, the mentors are instrumental in showing the new club how to create excellence and implement best practices. Mentors assist the officers in planning and executing club meetings, demonstrate the value of participating in events outside the club, and generally help keep the club vibrant and successful.

Club Revitalization Volunteers

Club revitalization volunteers help energize existing clubs who seek guidance. The revitalization volunteers assist by passing on their experiences and ideas gathered from other clubs. The goal is to bring them closer to charter strength and enhance the member experience.

Advanced Leadership Silver

Earning the Advanced Leadership Silver (ALS) designation, needed for Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), requires serving as a new club sponsor, a new club mentor or as a club revitalization volunteer. This achievement will be recorded and credited to DTM when the other requirements are met. It is a good idea to plan early and get this accomplished when opportunities in a convenient location occur.

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