District 53 Virtual Leadership Intensive

Have you been looking to grow as a leader, not just in Toastmasters, but in all areas of your life?

Join us for Chart Your Path and Lead, the D53 inaugural Virtual Leadership Intensive. You will have an opportunity to learn online from four speakers who are highly trained in leadership development to assist you in becoming more effective in your professional, personal and Toastmaster life.

Mary Ann Morreale

Mary Ann works with leaders “Finding Their Way in Uncertainty.” She is a certified leadership coach through Georgetown University. Her 24-years in the US Air Force included Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and a Pentagon Director. She worked in local, regional, and national arenas. While working the Health Care Reengineering Program for the Department of Defense, she worked with David Cooperrider who developed Appreciative Inquiry. She's served on non-profit Boards of Directors, a Board of Advisors, and in leadership in service organizations. She is actively involved in Toastmasters International having served in local club and district offices.

Leading in Conflict

Mary Ann Morreale

Do you want to stop getting caught in negative meetings that go nowhere? Think of a time when you were caught in a downward communication spiral—people not hearing each other, ignoring the points being made, each negative comment leading to yet another negative comment or worse yet, blame being thrown around and oh yes, total lack of agreement. Do you want to avoid all of this?

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) techniques work with any size group! By defining what you intend to focus on, moving through the AI process, you end with a clearly defined and agreed upon “what will be.”

You will understand the power of leveraging appreciative inquiry techniques to:

  • Define and focus on a desired future
  • Avoid getting caught in failures, negative stories, and even past successes
  • Optimize awareness of the present
  • Create a picture of a desired future
Sara Nolin

Sara Nowlin has been committed to educating and empowering others for nearly 20 years. As a Professor of Communication at Marist College, she teaches Persuasion and Influence to students and how best to apply them to their everyday lives, as well as their future careers. Sara also delivers trainings and keynotes on leadership and personal development, including NYC Mayor’s Office, National Urban Fellows, and Lehigh University. When she isn’t teaching, Sara is often binging political dramas like House of Cards, Madame Secretary and West Wing on Netflix.

Get a Yes to Your Request: How to Influence Others without Authority

Sara Nowlin

Have you been challenged to get volunteers for meeting roles or a speech contest? Or maybe you struggle to fill the officer roles each year. In the busy world of today, it can be difficult to get volunteers to step up and take on more, especially when you have no official authority in the matter. Volunteer organizations often struggle with leading without authority. There are a few key sales strategies (yes, sales strategies) that are powerful weapons to influence others to say yes.

In this program, you will learn:

  • 3 highly effective strategies you can use as a leader with no official authority
  • The psychology behind the strategies and why they work so well
  • How best to utilize them in any area of your life
Don Smith

Don E. Smith is a transformational speaker and coach. In his signature program, “Won’t Power”, Don speaks about the relationship between Desire, Intention, Promises and Success. His presentation inspires and motivates audience members to “Honor the Promise of Their Potential”. Widely known as “The Speech Wiz”, he is the “go-to” coach where high-level executives go to become high-level speakers. His practice uniquely combines the art and science of speaking with the added value of speaker success coaching. He is a graduate of CoachU, a Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), and a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). You can learn more about Don through his website at www.DonESmith.com.

Won’t Power: How you can achieve the promise of your potential

Don E. Smith

Won’t Power: How you can achieve the promise of your potential is a success strategy program developed and presented by executive speech and leadership coach, Don E. Smith. It is a transformative presentation designed to manifest the success mindset and behavior people require to achieve success through a controllable process. Wont Power is an individual success strategy fueled by focused Intention and driven by Tenacity.

Along the way, you’ll learn that it is a crime to waste your potential on a string of broken promises that you make to yourself. You will learn that, just like any other crime, it takes means, motive and opportunity to waste the promise of your potential. You may be guilty.

Through Won’t Power, you will discover that you have complete control over the outcome of your potential when focused through your intentions. Won’t Power provides you with the What, Why and How you need to make a success mindset shift NOW!

Skip Weisman

Skip Weisman, a former professional baseball executive and a professional keynote speaker, business coach and consultant, works with business owners, CEOs, executive teams, and non-profit organization leaders, PLUS their employees to create Championship Company Cultures. Skip served as CEO of 5 baseball franchises beginning at age 26. Skip’s teams were affiliated with the Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, New York Mets, Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Ray, and Texas Rangers.

Since 2012 Skip has spoken on main stages as a keynote speaker to audiences as large as 1,500 at corporate and association conferences across North America. Some client’s include; The Project Management Institute, Society for Human Resource Management, Pink Elephant IT Service Management, HDI, the Medical Group Management Association, and George Mason University.

​Creating Your Championship Team

Skip Weisman

We, as leaders, need to get the people on our teams to do what we need them to when we need them to do it. Often, that’s easier said than done. But, what if the problem starts long before the moment we need, and ask for action? What if the problem were us, and how we’ve come to see our employees in the first place?

Join a former 16-year professional baseball CEO with experience leading organizations to championship results as he explores the surprising reason why team members disappoint too often, what makes changing that even more difficult, and how leaders can implement a simple process to design a team culture that conditions members to deliver championship results every season.