Three Tips for a Great Guest Experience

  • October 29, 2019 by Akihiro Ishii, DTM, Club Growth Director

Many clubs in District 53 are struggling with membership growth. The guest experience is an important factor in deciding to join your club. Here are a few tips for improving the guest experience:

First impressions

The first impressions are an important element that guests feel welcomed and want to attend next time and become a member of your club. In psychology, when someone first meets you, they form an impression of you in the first 12 seconds. And once they have formed that impression, they typically never change their opinion, even after knowing you for a while. You can help to set up the room, welcome guests with a smile when they arrive and have a chat with them. It makes the guests feel a warm welcome and a supportive culture in your club.

Guest buddy system

Many guests may be too shy to raise their hands to ask questions. The guest buddy system is a strategy that allows a member and a guest to work together as a single unit so that the member is able to support the guest during a meeting. It helps build an immediate personal connection between the guest and the club member. This leads the guest to feel comfortable more quickly and to achieve a sense of belonging. You can talk to the guest about how the meeting flows, how the educational program works, or answer questions, which in turn, you will be able to grow as a leader and communicator.

Guest Packets

The guest packet is an excellent resource for guests to learn more about Toastmasters. You can give a guest packet as a token of your gratitude. The guest packet should include the benefits of Toastmasters, a membership application, the Toastmaster magazine, information explaining the organization and your club, and details on the Pathways learning experience. The pre-made guest package is available in the store in Toastmasters International.

Building and maintaining club membership is important and challenging. You can gain new members by welcoming guests, establishing an immediate connection, and giving a takeaway.