Nominating Committee Report

2020-2021 District Officer Elections

Voting for officers to serve during the 2020-2021 Toastmasters Year will be conducted during the District 53 Online District Council Meeting to be held on Saturday, May 30, 2020. Eligible to vote are members of the District Council: club presidents and vice presidents education of clubs in good standing, and members of the District Executive Committee. All officers must register to vote in advance, and votes may only be cast by the officers themselves - no online proxy voting is allowed.

Instructions for registering to vote will be emailed to all members of the District Council. 

District Leadership Committee Advisory Report

Because all the requirements outlined in Protocol 9.0 were not met (“Each Division in the District must be equally represented on the committee.”), the entire DLC report is invalid and is presented as an “advisory report.”  All candidates listed below must be considered as running from the floor.

Additional qualified candidates who wish to run from the floor must declare their intent in writing to the DLC Chair, Bette Mcintire, at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting (May 23rd) and include their completed District Leader Agreement and Release Statement at that time.

No nominations from the floor will be allowed during the meeting.

Visit the District Campaigns and Elections FAQ page for more information related to floor candidates.

Candidate Interviews & Campaign Flyers

​All candidates ​were interviewed by the DLC Chair, Bette Mcintire, ​and the video recordings are posted below. Candidates also submitted ​photo and text for a flyer, which is also posted below. Click the link next to each candidate's name to view ​his or her video or flyer.

All of the following candidates will be running from the floor: 

District Director

Andrew Watt   video   flyer

Program Quality Director

Aki Ishii   video   flyer

Club Growth Director

John Hogan   video   flyer

Division Directors

  1. Karen MacDonald   video   flyer
  2. Tom Farrelly   video   flyer
    Bettyann Peck   video   flyer
  3. Amy Chiu   video   flyer​​​
  4. Jennifer Cimilluca   video   flyer
  5. Mohan Padamatti   video   flyer
  6. Patti Walter   video   flyer
  7. Donna Sobel   video   flyer