Nominating Committee Report 2021-2022

2021-2022 District Officer Elections

Linda Grace Farley, DTM and Immediate Past District Director (IPDD) chaired the District Leadership Committee this year, which included members from all Divisions to fairly and widely represent the whole of District 53. The Committee was constituted according to the rules in the Governing Documents, specifically the District Administrative Bylaws and Protocol 9.0 which governs District elections.

The Committee has approved her report to me, and has interviewed and passed the following candidates to stand for election to District office for the 2021-22 program year beginning July 1, 2021. Each candidate has reaffirmed their willingness to stand for election after the interview process was complete. The election will be held at the Spring Business Meeting on 8 May 2021 during the time from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

Eligible to vote are members of the District Council: club presidents and vice presidents education of clubs in good standing, and members of the District Executive Committee. All officers must register to vote in advance, and votes may only be cast by the officers themselves - no online proxy voting is allowed.

Instructions for registering to vote will be emailed to all members of the District Council. 

I and my colleagues on the 2020-21 staff thank the District Leadership Committee (DLC) for their work this year, and for their efforts on your behalf. In keeping with the Governing Documents of Toastmasters International, I announce these results to you.

Andrew B. Watt, DTM
District Director 2020-21

Click on the candidate‘s image to view their Biographical Information Form (PDF)

District Director

Aki Ishii

Aki Ishii, DTM

Program Quality Director

John Hogan

John Hogan, DTM

Club Growth Director (listed in alphabetical order)

Bettyann Peck

Bettyann Peck, DTM

Patti Walter

Patti Walter, CC, CL, DL3

Division A Director

Tom Farrelly

Tom Farrelly, CC, ALB

Division B Director

Tom Farrelly

Tom Farrelly, CC, ALB

Division C Director

Zachary Fisk

Zachary Fisk, PM2

Division D Director

Zachary Fisk

Zachary Fisk, PM2

Division E Director

Molly Clark Hayward

Molly Clark Hayward, DTM

Division F Director

David Thornton

David Thornton, DTM

Division G Director

Beth VanKempen

Beth VanKempen, ACB, ALB

Information for Prospective "Floor Candidates"

As defined in Protocol 9.0 governing District elections, floor candidates have from 28 March 2021 until 6pm Eastern Time on May 1, 2021, to declare their intention to be a candidate for election to a District officer position, in writing to the DLC. After 6pm, no additional nominations may be accepted, and no nominees can be considered eligible after that time and date.

No nominations from the floor will be allowed during the meeting.

Visit the District Campaigns and Elections FAQ page for more information related to floor candidates.