What is your Why for Joining Toastmasters? Share your #MyWhy

Got a minute? And a smartphone?

YOU can help motivate the next wave of Toastmasters…and qualify to win some COOL PRIZES up until Sept. 30, 2019. You can do this by yourself….or with other Toastmasters!

Linda Grace Farley, DTM
District Director

Andrew Watt, ACG, ALB
Program Quality Director

Try this at your next meeting, open house or community event!

All it takes is a minute or two of your time, three simple steps, your phone camera…and a #MyWhy sign!

  1. 1
    Consider a short, off-the-cuff message. Don’t make it too polished!

Part 1: Describe your motivation for joining TM – professional challenge? Personal challenge? Personal experience? Length: up to 30 seconds.

E.g., “Hi, my name is…I joined Toastmasters because I felt I needed more confidence when delivered presentations at work… I would often freeze and draw a blank…every third word I said was “um”….

Part 2: How has Toastmasters helped you? Length: up to 30 seconds

E.g., ”After a year with my Toastmasters club, I feel so much more comfortable talking about my projects…talking about anything! For me the weekly practice and positive feedback I get—and have learned to give—at Toastmasters meetings have all boosted my confidence at work and in every way I communicate.”

End with: Hold up this sign or your own sign that says #MyWhy

E.g., ”And that is My Why.”

  1. 2
    Record your message on your phone.

Choose your location and do a few practice runs for timing, lighting and sound- it’s especially important to be heard clearly. If possible:

  • Set your iPhone on a tripod & have someone else record you.
  • Frame the shot from your waist up and be sure to hold the phone horizontal.


  • Look into your camera’s lens.
  • Don’t speak too quickly.
  • Hold up your sign at the end!
  1. 3
    Post your #MyWhy on your Facebook page and tag Toastmasters International. Add the hashtags #MyWhy and #D53Toastmasters.

Presto! Isn’t that easy? Now…share your #MyWhy!

On your FACEBOOK PAGE is best… but also consider: your club FB page, the D53 FB group, the official D53 FB page, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram!

Final touch: Add a link where people can find out more about Toastmasters: your club, or D53 - https://toastmasters53.org/guest/

If it’s easier, you can email the video to Sara Nowlin, D53 Public Relations Manager - saranowlin.d53@toastmasters.org


If you post a video, you name will be entered into a drawing to win. Someone from each Division will win:

AND there will be a District Grand Prize for the member who gets the most likes on their video post!

So let’s get sharing our #MyWhy!

HERE’S AN IDEA! At your next meeting’s Table Topics, record your MyWhy’s and demonstrate your Toastmasters skills:

Have members step up to deliver a recorded MyWhy. It’s a great way to show the public why people join Toastmasters and what success means to each Toastmaster. And it’s a great way to practice your elevator speech—a valuable skill, regardless of your profession!

Maybe provide an Evaluation. Everyone has fun and learns from the exercise!

To find the District's #MyWhy videos go to https://www.facebook.com/D53Toastmasters/