Member Achievement

Bette McIntire

Bette McIntire, DTM
District 53 Director

Many clubs and members are familiar with the acronym DCP. It is generally referred to as the Distinguished Club Program. However, we started the year with another interpretation of that acronym, and how I prefer to define it as is “Documenting Change in People.” How does that change occur? With clubs reaching out to each of its members and surveying them to realize why they joined and the personal development goals they would like to see themselves achieve. For most, they want to be better communicators and in order to do so they need to get up and speak. One of the ways to recognize progress is through the education goals; when people achieve these milestones, they can document the change they see in themselves! This month the district would like to recognize the individuals and clubs who are “Documenting Change in People.” Congratulations to each of you. Keep up the great work!

Member Awards for October, 2018

00904319 - Name unavailableIP110/14/2018Park City Toastmasters of StratfordC34
01423050 - Name unavailableMS110/18/2018Greater Hartford ClubE53
04023746 - Name unavailableEC110/14/2018Ayco Toastmasters ClubG76
05390520 - Name unavailableCC10/25/2018iToastF64
05699164 - Name unavailableCC10/22/2018Greater Stamford ToastmastersC32
05792719 - Name unavailableCL10/05/2018Marist Toastmasters ClubA12
06792968 - Name unavailablePM210/24/2018KAPL Toastmasters ClubG75
Ahern, Vanessa GCC10/29/2018Saratoga Turf TalkersG74
Brinkmann, UteDL210/12/2018Eagle ClubB23
Dinoto, Denise M.LD110/04/2018Stratton VA ToastmastersG71
Ferragine, Andrew J.CL10/23/2018IBM Poughkeepsie ToastmastersA13
Furman, Deborah AnnDL110/23/2018IBM Poughkeepsie ToastmastersA13
Gassam, JaniceCC10/11/2018Norwalk Toastmasters ClubC34
Goutos, Nellie M.ACG10/22/2018Patroon Toastmasters ClubG72
Guertin, Matthew A.ACB10/11/2018Barnum Square ClubB22
Horvath, Paul A.PM310/05/2018Cedar Hill Toastmasters ClubB25
Howard, Mary T.LD110/30/2018Taconic ToastmastersG73
Kao, Tzu JenACB10/10/2018GE Niskayuna Toastmasters ClubG76
Kapale, SachinCC10/22/2018Patroon Toastmasters ClubG72
Kyaw, SandarCC10/01/2018Global ToastersG74
Lashway, Robin A.CL10/04/2018Champlain Valley ToastmastersG74
Lewis, JohnACB10/19/2018Henry Hudson ClubA11
Madden, Cynthia AnnCL10/14/2018Ayco Toastmasters ClubG76
McGirr, Stephen P.EC110/04/2018Cromwell Community ToastmastersB25
Philion, JaneEC110/11/2018West Hartford Toastmasters ClubB24
Philion, JaneEC210/11/2018West Hartford Toastmasters ClubB24
Rao, MadhuIP110/05/2018West Hartford Toastmasters ClubB24
Shankar, GowrishankarCL10/20/2018Nathan Hale ClubD45
Shannon, Kevin P.CL10/29/2018Southern Dutchess ToastmastersA13
Stevens, SandraACG10/02/2018Stratton VA ToastmastersG71
Sumadi, MeimunehSR110/14/2018Ayco Toastmasters ClubG76
Terrell, DanielACB10/24/2018Mystic Aquarium ToastmastersD42
Turner, Heather K.ALB10/18/2018Speech WeaversF63
Wang, Yuh-ShyangCC10/15/2018GE Niskayuna Toastmasters ClubG76
Zaitz, Cynthia L.ALS10/24/2018Speakeasy Toastmasters ClubF61
Zaitz, Cynthia L.ACG10/24/2018Speakeasy Toastmasters ClubF61
Zaitz, Cynthia L.DTM10/25/2018Speakeasy Toastmasters ClubF61