Member Achievement

Bette McIntire

Bette McIntire, DTM
District 53 Director

Many clubs and members are familiar with the acronym DCP. It is generally referred to as the Distinguished Club Program. However, we started the year with another interpretation of that acronym, and how I prefer to define it as is “Documenting Change in People.” How does that change occur? With clubs reaching out to each of its members and surveying them to realize why they joined and the personal development goals they would like to see themselves achieve. For most, they want to be better communicators and in order to do so they need to get up and speak. One of the ways to recognize progress is through the education goals; when people achieve these milestones, they can document the change they see in themselves! This month the district would like to recognize the individuals and clubs who are “Documenting Change in People.” Congratulations to each of you. Keep up the great work!

Member Awards for May, 2019

02762376 - Name unavailableMS205/14/2019Farmington ClubB24
03255956 - Name unavailableACB05/17/2019Southern Berkshire Toastmasters ClubF61
03351956 - Name unavailableLDREXC05/24/2019BAC TalkersB24
03473313 - Name unavailableIP105/22/2019Screaming Eagles ClubE55
04023746 - Name unavailableEC405/20/2019Ayco Toastmasters ClubG76
07192167 - Name unavailablePM105/07/2019Cedar Hill Toastmasters ClubB25
Abreu, JosephVC205/14/2019Farmington ClubB24
Adams, JohnTC105/24/2019Uncle Sam ToastmastersG73
Arnold, Roger C.CC05/16/2019Travelers Noontime ToastmastersE54
Brooks, James E.ACS05/22/2019KAPL Toastmasters ClubG75
Burgan, SamanthaIP105/07/2019Nutmeg ClubD41
Burns, Melinda M.DL105/25/2019Lunchtime ClubG72
Calhoun, KatACG05/24/2019Eagle ClubB23
Cournoyer, Andrew JosephCC05/23/2019BAC TalkersB24
DeCain, Donald P.ACB05/29/2019@Lifespeed ToastmastersF64
Dimock, Janice R.MS105/06/2019Southern Dutchess ToastmastersA13
Diwan, LinkeshCC05/01/2019One State Street ToastmastersE52
Dooley, GeorgeCC05/16/2019Henkel Rocky Hill ToastmastersE55
Einbinder, Sharon AllisonEC105/20/2019Lunchtime ClubG72
Farley, Linda G.DL305/21/2019DCRCOC ToastmastersA12
Forchap, JessePM105/24/2019Uncle Sam ToastmastersG73
Frigolette, Jennifer ACC05/22/2019North Country ClubG74
Gilchrest, James K.CL05/05/2019Greater Stamford ToastmastersC32
Goodemote, Terry R.ACS05/29/2019North Country ClubG74
Harrington, Michael SeanCC05/22/2019Nathan Hale ClubD45
Kessler, JacquelineIP205/09/2019Bethlehem ClubG71
Kittle, CathleenALB05/16/2019NYS Forum ToastmastersG72
Kudla, Scott StanleyLD105/22/2019United Bank ToastmastersE52
Lerch, MikeACB05/30/2019NYISO ToastmastersG73
Lore, Thomas J.EC405/10/2019Aetna Speaks Up!E53
Lore, Thomas J.EC505/21/2019Aetna Speaks Up!E53
Lundgren, DylanPI305/14/2019Southern Berkshire Toastmasters ClubF61
Lundgren, DylanPI205/14/2019Southern Berkshire Toastmasters ClubF61
Macdonald, Linda M.CL05/23/2019Barnum Square ClubB22
McGirr, Stephen P.EC305/01/2019Cromwell Community ToastmastersB25
Miller, Diane L.CL05/23/2019DCRCOC ToastmastersA12
Nandecha, SamagraLD205/28/2019XL Catlin Hartford ToastmastersE54
Oliver, NicolePM105/20/2019Lunchtime ClubG72
Omprakash, AdalamCL05/14/2019Talking Tomorrow Together ToastmastersE55
Peck, Richard E.VC105/07/2019Nutmeg ClubD41
Peralta, Sabely AIP205/16/2019NE ToastmastersF62
Quirk, Elizabeth IsabelleIP105/12/2019Mohawk Trail ToastmastersF61
Riegelmaupt, Craig EricPM105/07/2019Nutmeg ClubD41
Rock, Carolina A.PM205/24/2019Uncle Sam ToastmastersG73
Sewell, Chris AllenDL305/29/2019United Bank ToastmastersE52
Shab, LisaCL05/17/2019Cartus Magnus ClubB21
Srikanth, JishakumariCL05/08/2019Nathan Hale ClubD45
Tanner, PaulPM105/19/2019West-Conn Toastmasters ClubB21
Tellier, Eugene WEC405/29/2019United Bank ToastmastersE52
Velez, DamarisCC05/22/2019Energy Toastmasters ClubB25
Wang, Yihan (nora)CC05/13/2019Marist Toastmasters ClubA12
Watt, Andrew B.IP105/05/2019Mohawk Trail ToastmastersF61
Whitehouse, Michael GeorgeLD305/06/2019Mystic Aquarium ToastmastersD42
Wilansky, Alane JCC05/15/2019Stag Toastmasters ClubE53
Zdanowich, MaziePI105/24/2019Monroe-Trumbull ToastmastersC35