Member Achievement

Bette McIntire

Bette McIntire, DTM
District 53 Director

Many clubs and members are familiar with the acronym DCP. It is generally referred to as the Distinguished Club Program. However, we started the year with another interpretation of that acronym, and how I prefer to define it as is “Documenting Change in People.” How does that change occur? With clubs reaching out to each of its members and surveying them to realize why they joined and the personal development goals they would like to see themselves achieve. For most, they want to be better communicators and in order to do so they need to get up and speak. One of the ways to recognize progress is through the education goals; when people achieve these milestones, they can document the change they see in themselves! This month the district would like to recognize the individuals and clubs who are “Documenting Change in People.” Congratulations to each of you. Keep up the great work!

Member Awards for February, 2019

02762376 - Name unavailableMS102/13/2019Farmington ClubB24
04506481 - Name unavailableCL02/21/2019Prudent SpeakersE54
04714771 - Name unavailableEC102/15/2019West Hartford Toastmasters ClubB24
05573793 - Name unavailableCC02/10/2019Greater New Haven Toastmasters ClubD41
05773600 - Name unavailableVC102/28/2019Charter Oak Toastmasters ClubD45
05829004 - Name unavailableALB02/19/2019IBM Poughkeepsie ToastmastersA13
06579109 - Name unavailableIP202/26/2019NE ToastmastersF62
Abreu, JosephVC102/19/2019Greater Hartford ClubE53
Anzelone, MonicaIP102/28/2019Charter Oak Toastmasters ClubD45
Burgess, Stephen M.ACS02/07/2019XL Catlin Hartford ToastmastersE54
Delain, Nancy B.SR102/19/2019Uncle Sam ToastmastersG73
Errante, Brian J.PM102/16/2019Speakeasy Toastmasters ClubF61
Hamburg, WilliamCC02/14/2019The Talking WebD44
Kiyanitsa, AndreySR102/12/2019Thorobred ClubG74
Lovelace, DavidDL202/18/2019Thorobred ClubG74
Lovelace, DavidDL302/18/2019Thorobred ClubG74
Lovelace, DavidDL102/18/2019Thorobred ClubG74
McGirr, Stephen P.EC202/26/2019Cromwell Community ToastmastersB25
Peck, BettyannEC202/27/2019Park City Toastmasters of StratfordC34
Pelland, DaveIP302/27/2019Park City Toastmasters of StratfordC34
Philion, JaneEC402/03/2019West Hartford Toastmasters ClubB24
Plen, NoahPM102/12/2019Nathan Hale ClubD45
Sewell, Chris AllenDL102/27/2019United Bank ToastmastersE52
Stoltzfus, GregLD202/20/2019NE ToastmastersF62
Taluru, DanteswaraRaoCL02/07/2019Talking Tomorrow Together ToastmastersE55
Yater, Shane B.CC02/14/2019The Talking WebD44
Zaitz, Cynthia L.MS202/28/2019Speakeasy Toastmasters ClubF61
Zamary, JackCC02/28/2019Greater New Haven Toastmasters ClubD41