District 53 Marketing Campaign: Club Resources

We are launching our District Marketing Campaign on October 1, 2020 with the objective to increase membership and Toastmasters awareness throughout our District (Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, and Eastern New York).

Watch Sara Nowlin, Marketing Co-Chair, to learn more about the Marketing Campaign and the important role that clubs play in this campaign.

When launching an effective marketing campaign, it is essential that everyone (District Leadership & Clubs) plays their part. The District is ready with ads and a strategic plan. Your club needs to be ready to handle more guests and give them a great experience, turning them into members.

  1. 1
    Review and Complete the Club Checklist

This checklist will explain set up your club for success and turn potential guests into members.

  • Download the Club Checklist (PowerPoint)
  • Before the Meeting – Prepare for the Party
  • During the Meeting – Welcome the Guests and Create a Great Experience
  • After the Meeting – Thank Guests for Attending the Party
  1. 3
    Check out the District Marketing Campaign

Click each ad below to preview the page linked to the ad campaign.

Find Your Voice
Ace Your Next Presentation
Improve Communication Skills
Become a Leader
  • Questions about the Marketing Campaign? 

Email your questions to Sara Nowlin or to Linda Grace Farley.