Gifts of Toastmasters

This holiday season is a great time to reflect on the gifts you’ve received from Toastmasters.

Share your #GiftsofToastmasters. All you need is smartphone and 1 minute of time.

YOU can help motivate the next wave of Toastmasters…and qualify to win some COOL PRIZES up until January 15, 2020. You can do this by yourself… or with other Toastmasters!

Linda Farley

Linda Farley, DTM - District Director

Discovery: Being in Toastmasters has given me the platform and community to discover abilities like coaching and creativity that had laid dormant, just waiting to be set free. My time in TM has helped me to evolve into a new more vibrant version of me.

Andrew Watt

Andrew Watt, ACG, ALB - Program Quality Director

Toastmasters gave me my first chance to lead adults, having been a middle-school teacher and sports coach. Leading adults is both challenging and rewarding. Challenging, because you need to think two to six months ahead. Rewarding, because you see people achieve great things after you’ve coached them.

Akihiro Ishii

Akihiro Ishii, DTM - Club Growth Director

I have built confidence from the many different opportunities to give presentations in front of diverse audiences, with different professions and experiences, and to learn by observing proficient speakers who have benefited from the Toastmasters training.

  1. 1
    Download the #GiftsofToastmasters sign as JPG or PDF.

  1. 2
    Fill out the #GiftsofToastmasters sign with what gifts you have received.

Example - Courage, confidence, community.

  1. 3
    Take a photo with your sign. You can take it by yourself or with another Toastmaster!
  1. 4
    Post the photo on Facebook with a brief explanation of your answers with the hashtags #GiftsofToastmasters and #D53Toastmasters so we can track your participation.

Example – I came to Toastmasters 9 years ago for community since I just moved to NY from CA. I couldn’t be more grateful for the community that I received. But I also gained more courage and confidence as I challenged myself in speech contests and stepping into leadership positions. So, so grateful! #GiftsofToastmasters #D53Toastmasters

All posts must be completed by the January 15, 2020 deadline!

Posting on your FACEBOOK PAGE is best… but also consider: your club FB page, the D53 FB group, the official D53 FB page, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram!

Final touch: Add a link where people can find out more about Toastmasters: your club, or D53 -

If you’re just not into social media... you can email your photo to Sara Nowlin, D53 Public Relations Manager - and you will be entered into the drawing for the mugs.

Great Club Opportunity! Try it at your next meeting in table topics, open house or community event!

WHAT’S THE PRIZE? Cool Toastmasters Swag

When you post your #GiftsofToastmasters photo your name will be entered into a drawing to win a Toastmasters Mug.

  • Five winners will be randomly selected from all participants.
  • The five winning participants will each receive a Toastmasters mug.

AND the District Grand Prize will be awarded to the member who gets the most engagement (likes, shares, comments) on their post!

Toastmasters messenger bag

Grand Prize - Toastmasters Messenger Bag

toastmasters mug

So let’s get sharing our #GiftsofToastmasters!

Sara Nowlin - #GiftsofToastmasters

Sara Nowlin, ACS, ALB - Public Relations Manager