District 53 Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 Message from the District 53 Senior Team

Updated October 19, 2020

Thanks to our clubs and their members, Toastmasters District 53 has weathered the initial consequences of the ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. As you know, key District, Division and Area meetings, as well as most club meetings, have transitioned to an online format for the duration of this public health emergency.

In accordance with research and government guidance, the District 53 leadership team urges all Toastmasters clubs to consider themselves non-essential programs, and to delay opening in-person until the risk to member health is negligible according to Toastmasters International and local authorities.

All District, Division and Area Contests will be online, to create uniformity of experience for all contestants worldwide.  During Winter Club Officer Training, we will provide guidance to clubs on how to conduct online contests, although clubs have the option to conduct contests in-person or online at the decision of their membership.

We do not anticipate holding in-person District events before April 1, 2021, and we recommend that clubs adopt a similar schedule.  We encourage you to continue practicing flexibility and adaptability in your planning and club management during this time.

Club Information

We recommend that clubs follow local guidance from public health agencies and reputable news sources in their decision-making about re-opening.

At this time, Massachusetts and New York all continue to recommend a cap on public indoor gatherings to no more than 25 persons, although there are variations between states and counties; Connecticut relaxed their guidance for Phase 3 on October 8, allowing 75% occupancy up to 30 persons.

Check with your local government health agency for ongoing shifts in procedures. We suggest that clubs begin discussing their options with their former meeting places: since many businesses and public locations may change their policies and procedures for outside groups. Clubs should determine if they may resume club activities at their old locations after re-opening, and find a new meeting location if not.

The Board of Directors has made the exception that all clubs in all Districts can meet entirely online as needed until further notice. Read the March 12th statement from Toastmasters International. We recommend that all District 53 clubs continue meeting online, and to use the Internet to “close the social distance” with fellowship and community interaction through the winter.

Publicizing Online Meetings

Looking to grow your attendance or membership and capitalize with online access? There are great ways to do that safely and securely.

Security is Important

  • Ask for an email or other verifiable information from potential guests.
  • Get a phone number from guests, and call them ahead of the meeting.
  • Don’t reveal your online meeting link ahead of time. Deliver it to members and guests privately.
  • Advertise the email or Facebook link to make contact with your club, and check that resource regularly.
  • Make a phone call and talk to would-be guests before inviting them to the online meeting.
  • Use social media accounts (Meetup, Facebook, Twitter, and more) to funnel potential guests toward a group of clear points of contact: a single email, facebook name, and a single phone number.
  • Don’t make one person responsible for all methods, but designate one person as the manager of each type of contact.

"Online" Club Designation

If you are meeting online, you should let District and Toastmasters website visitors know. Indicate that in your Club Demographic section of Club Central on toastmasters.org by clicking the "Yes" button for Online Attendance. This will let members and potential guests know that individuals can participate in the club online.


The District has a Meetup account where we promote the open clubs.  If your club is meeting online and open to guests, please EMAIL us to let us know so that we can properly promote your club.

Look for your club's information here:
Meetup Group - CT Clubs
Meetup Group - NY Clubs
Meetup Group - MA Clubs

Please let us know if that information is incorrect, so that we can update it and help you welcome new guests and potential new members through the Meetup Channel.

Online Meeting Resources

Toastmasters International Online Meetings Page

Five page guide to help role-holders conduct Zoom online meetings

Zoom Video Conferencing

WebEx Video Conferencing

Government Information about COVID-19

Be sure to take appropriate precautions as recommended by the CDC. In addition, we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with your state's public health responses: Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.

Updated Information from Toastmasters International

At this time, District 53 interprets the guidance from the Board of Directors of Toastmasters International to include:

  • All Area, Division, and District Contests will occur online;
  • The Annual District Conference may be online or in-person, as local circumstances and the vote of the District Council or DEC may warrant;
  • The Semi-annual District Business Meeting may be online or in-person during the Annual District Conference.

District 53 expects updated guidance from the Toastmasters International Board of Directors prior to April 1, 2021.

Toastmasters International Coronavirus Update

Toastmasters International continues to monitor the effects of the disease on our clubs, members, and upcoming and current District events. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has impacted the daily lives of Toastmasters around the world, and the Board of Directors have taken actions to support members and clubs. You can read about them in the communications section below. The health and safety of all Toastmasters is our top priority.

Refer to the Toastmasters COVID-19 webpage for the latest messages and updates from International Headquarters. Please watch this accompanying video from International President Richard E. Peck regarding the coronavirus.