Toastmasters District 53 Spring 2021 Conference

Adapt & Thrive
May 15-16, 2021
A Virtually Amazing Event

Our first ever virtual conference is a perfect opportunity to attend the annual District 53 premier event. It’s inexpensive and fun! Same all-access pass ticket covers you for the entire weekend – come and go as your schedule allows. The same educational quality with no travel costs and in the convenience of your own living room!

We will have a morning keynote with accredited speaker Johnny Campbell, DTM, AS and afternoon keynote with Matt Kinsey, DTM, Toastmasters International First Vice-President.

See below for schedule, education sessions and registration.

Saturday, May 15, 2021
8:00 AM-8:15 AM Opening Session
How To Get The Most Out of Today
Johnny Campbell, DTM, AS
Embracing The Winds Of Change: Adjust Your Sails
9:15 AM-10:00 AM Breakout Sessions #1
Funtastic Meetings with Heather Turner, DTM
The Toastmasters Virtual Silver Lining with Norm Thibodeau, DTM
10:00 AM-11:00 AM Networking Break in Networking Rooms
11:00 AM-11:45 AM Breakout Sessions #2
Step Into the Shoes of Masters with Laura Ferran, DTM
Membership Drives Are Not Optional with Kelsey Akins, PM5, EC2
11:45 AM-12:30 PM Lunch Break
Networking Rooms Available
12:30 PM-1:15 PM District 53 Hall of Fame
Matt Kinsey, DTM
Toastmasters International First Vice-President
Peloton Leadership
2:30 PM-3:00 PM Networking Break in Networking Rooms
3:00 PM-3:45 PM Breakout Sessions #3
Building Club Momentum with the Club Health Thermometer
with Steve Lanning, DTM & Kate Scarcella, EC2
LiveStreaming is Your Toastfuture with Brian David Crawford, DTM
4:00 PM-5:00 PM District Officers Installation
5:00 PM-5:30 PM Closing Session
Sunday, May 16, 2021
9:00 AM-10:30 AM Leadership Workshop with
Johnny Campbell, DTM, AS
How An Enemy Can Improve Your Life:
Success Secrets for Achieving Better Results in Business and Life.

Morning Keynote - 8:15 AM to 9:00 AM

Johnny Campbell

Embracing The Winds Of Change: Adjust Your Sails
Johnny Campbell, DTM, AS

Are the Winds of Changes in today’s world an opportunity for success or a pain in the neck? Many leaders of today are struggling with how to navigate change while benefiting from it. When it comes to change there are many challenges from how this change will be perceived, to how will it be embraced. In this entertaining and informative program, you will discover how you can effectively implement and navigate people through the winds of change.

Johnny Campbell, DTM, AS is a keynote speaker and author who helps organizations develop the readiness to embrace change and grow their business. Johnny is the Past-President of the National Speaker Association for State of Illinois and is an Accredited Speaker, a designation presented by Toastmaster International and held by less than 100 professional speakers in the world for excellence in public speaking. Johnny is also a TEDx Speaker. His talk is called “How an Enemy Can Improve Your Life.” Johnny gained his change and sales expertise in the Insurance industry where he worked as a corporate trainer and participated in leading hundreds of people through multiple Corporate Downsizings and Mergers.

Based on Johnny’s business results, experiences and his ability to help clients overcome their challenges and succeed in their businesses & life he is called: “The Transition Man.”

Afternoon Keynote - 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM

Matt Kinsey

Watch Matt Kinsey's conference invitation.

Peloton Leadership
Matt Kinsey, DTM, Toastmasters International First Vice-President

Peloton Leadership will cover leadership lessons learned from more than 100,000 miles perched atop a bicycle. These are the leadership lessons of the largest bicycle race in the world – the Tour de France. You will ride away from this session with practical tools that you can begin to use immediately to make a difference in your leadership. These lessons will cover the role of the team and the leader, the importance of progress while honoring tradition, and challenge you to shift your definition of success.

Matt Kinsey, DTM, of Coral Springs, Florida, is the CEO of MK Tech Group in Coral Springs, Florida, which he started in 2007. Kinsey oversees all aspects of his IT consulting firm that services small and medium-sized businesses in the South Florida area.

Kinsey holds a master’s degree in computer information systems from the University of Phoenix, Arizona. He has a certificate in strategic management and was recognized with the Silver Beaver and Vigil Honor awards for his work with the Boy Scouts of America. As a Boy Scout volunteer for more than 25 years, he has held numerous positions within the organization including district chairman, event chairman, and currently serves as the council’s camping chairman.

A Toastmaster since 2003, Kinsey is a charter member of his home club, Outspoken Toastmasters, in Coral Springs. He has held a number of high-profile leadership positions within Toastmasters. As an officer of the Toastmasters International Board of Directors, Kinsey is a “working ambassador” for the organization. He works with the Board to develop, support, and modify the policies and procedures that guide Toastmasters International in fulfilling its mission.

Breakout Sessions #1 - 9:15 AM to 10:00 AM

Heather Turner

Funtastic Meetings
Heather Turner, DTM

How to put the Fun back into Funtastic Meetings. There is a direct correlation between member engagement and member retention and acquisition. Be the club that members WANT to come to when they are having a rough day because a meeting makes them feel energized and refreshed. Learn how to put the zip back into meetings so the time is productive, constructive and pulls members into participating and returning time after time.

Heather Turner, DTM, a.k.a. Forfeng, has been a Toastmaster since September 2009. She was the District 53 Toastmasters Chief Pathways Guide, a member of Cromwell Community Toastmasters, The Maine Thing Advanced Toastmasters Club and just chartered a new club Toast on Fire Toastmasters Club in Warner, NH.

Norm Thibodeau

The Toastmasters Virtual Silver Lining
Norm Thibodeau, DTM

As part of his Strategic Planning path, Norm developed a public relations program to leverage unique benefits from our current “problem” of limiting Toastmasters meetings to the online environment. You too can take advantage of this Toastmasters Virtual Silver Lining. Your travel agent awaits in this conference session.

Norm is a 20+-year Toastmasters member and is deeply Involved at club and District levels. He is currently serving as District 53 Administration Manager and Registration Manager. Norm currently belongs to 4 Toastmasters clubs, serving as President in one and VPE in two others. Professionally, Norm is a business project manager at Lincoln Financial Group in Hartford. Norm has a keen interest in communications, leadership, teamwork, process, documentation and training. His personal focus is on family & friends, faith, home DIY, travel, movies, dogs & reading. Norm has and plans to continue to apply his Toastmasters experience to all of the above!

Breakout Sessions #2 - 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM

Laura Ferran

Step Into the Shoes of Masters
Laura Ferran, DTM

In this workshop, participants will be guided through speaking of powerful famous speeches. Skills sets of powerful leaders sometimes must be felt, not just heard. We will take turns encompassing the passion and confidence, tone and inflection of masters to bring back to our own content. Sure to be a fun, active, and inspiring event.

Laura Ferran, DTM started her Toastmasters journey in 2011. She has moved several times, visited over 35 Toastmasters clubs around the world and has come back to share the location of the golden threads that make a Toastmaster Club fun and progressive. Laura is currently the content editor of a Family Magazine distributed to 10,000 households. She is a professional investigative journalist and wellness coach pre-COVID.

Kelsey Akins

Membership Drives Are Not Optional
Kelsey Akins, PM5, EC2

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated membership challenges for many Toastmasters clubs across District 53. Healthy and struggling clubs alike can gain strategic insights and best practices from our President’s Distinguished Clubs across the district. We will tap into this source of talent, along with learning and utilizing tools provided by District 53 leadership and Toastmasters International. Membership drives thrive when buy-in exists among all club members. This workshop aims to provide the audience with the knowledge and persuasive skills needed to excite and inspire their clubs to adopt membership drives and reclaim their club’s strength!

Kelsey’s Toastmasters qualifications include Presentation Mastery and Pathways Mentor proficiency. Her honors include being recognized as Community Builder of the Year and Resident Assistant of the Year from the Department of Housing and Residential Life at Texas State University, as well as Toastmaster of the Year by ANICO Articulators Toastmasters Club, Galveston, Texas. When Kelsey is not transforming corporate culture, you can find her learning and sharing financial education with young adults, because it is never too early to develop financial literacy. With five years of corporate human resources experience, a knack for making meaningful connections with audiences and a drive for helping Toastmasters achieve their leadership potential, Kelsey knows how to rock a membership drive, onboard new members, and provide successful mentoring.

Breakout Sessions #3 - 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM

Steve Lanning
Kate Scarcella

Building Club Momentum with the Club Health Thermometer
Steve Lanning, DTM & Kate Scarcella, CL, EC2

We’ll talk about a successful PATHWAYS Club challenge held in 2018. The result is the “Club Health Thermometer” that incentivized our club members to experience well attended, more engaged, and more PATHWAYS-productive meetings. The presentation will demonstrate how clubs can use their own Club Success Plan and Moments of Truth results to identify the gap between their club goals and their achievements, and the incentive programs to bridge those gaps. We’ll demonstrate how each attendee can adapt this system to their own Club’s needs.

Steve Lanning joined Speakeasy Toastmasters in June of 2014. He became club president the following July. In 2015-16 he took on the Area F61 Director role for 2 years, then became the Division F Director for 2 years. This year he is serving as the Area F63 Director. Since 2018, Steve has served as a PATHWAYS Guide. He completed his DTM in January 2019 and was named District 53’s Toastmaster of the Year for 2019-20. Steve has completed his DL2 and LD3 awards. He is a member of three Clubs: Speakeasy Toastmasters Club, PROSPEAKERS and Toastmasters of Downtown Springfield, MA.

Kate Scarcella is in her second year as the VP Education at Talk It Up Toastmasters in Windsor, CT and has been a member of Toastmasters for 4 years. She is a project manager and has a passion for developing high performing teams in all of her professional and volunteer roles. She has earned her CL and her EC2, and led the development of the Club Health Thermometer program to help build club momentum.

Brian Crawford

LiveStreaming is Your Toastfuture
Brian David Crawford, DTM

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been doing Zoom virtually for the last year, and have we really done anything to make it better? Do we look and sound the same as we did last March? This session will explore ways to step outside our comfort zone and actually develop our skills as digital communicators?

Brian David Crawford, DTM, also known as BDC, is a Data Infrastructure Consultant for Cigna. Originally from Oakland, CA. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Radio and Television and a Graduate Certificate in Marketing. Brian has lived in the greater Springfield area since 2008. In addition to earning his Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), he has won 25 speech contests. He is currently serving on both the Longmeadow Housing Authority and the Longmeadow Educational Excellence Foundation.

Sunday Morning Leadership Workshop - 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Johnny Campbell

How An Enemy Can Improve Your Life:
Success Secrets for Achieving Better Results in Business and Life.

Johnny Campbell, DTM, AS

To be successful in today’s world requires us to have knowledge and skill. However, knowledge and skill alone do not guarantee success. It is our ability to face & defeat the enemies of our success that determines our results in business & life. In this TEDx talk, Johnny Campbell reveals how using an enemy as a catalyst for improvement can improve your performance, attitudes and results.