Clubs by Location

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Fairfield County, CT
BethelBethel ToastmastersB/212504728DCP
BridgeportGreater Bridgeport ToastmastersC/33988118 DCP
DanburyBarnum Square ClubB/211701DCP
DanburyCartus Magnus Club*B/21875053  DCP
DanburyWest-Conn Toastmasters ClubB/21599 DCP
DanburyWooster Heights Toastmasters ClubB/219685   DCP
GreenwichGreenwich ToastmastersC/321372822DCP
NorwalkHomeServe Speak-Easies*C/315930663   DCP
NorwalkInspira Marketing Toastmasters*C/316732802  DCP
NorwalkNorwalk Toastmasters ClubC/332785 DCP
NorwalkToast RX*C/31993371   DCP
RidgefieldBI Toastmasters*B/217386  DCP
SheltonHubbell Shelton Toastmasters*C/343173599  DCP
SheltonPrudential Annuities*C/341409411   DCP
SheltonShelton ToastmastersC/34608696 DCP
StamfordFind UR Voice*C/326831250   DCP
StamfordGartner Stamford Toastmasters*C/331361833 DCP
StamfordGreater Stamford ToastmastersC/32865  DCP
StamfordLegg Mason Toastmasters Stamford*C/326059972   DCP
StamfordSynchrony Financial Corporate Headquarters Toastmasters*C/316745144   DCP
StamfordUConn Stamford Toastmasters Club*C/334593210  DCP
StratfordPark City Toastmasters of StratfordC/341065DCP
TrumbullMonroe-Trumbull ToastmastersC/34606146DCP
Hartford County, CT
BloomfieldBloomfield ClubF/617139DCP
BloomfieldCentral CT Advanced [email protected]F/628225DCP
BloomfieldCIGNA Lunchtime ClubF/629617 DCP
East HartfordQuEST Masters*E/555471612   DCP
East HartfordScreaming Eagles Club*E/559085 DCP
East HartfordTalking Tomorrow Together Toastmasters*E/555842018 DCP
EnfieldBlue Chip Toasters Club*F/645177  DCP
FarmingtonBAC Talkers*E/516090   DCP
FarmingtonFarmington ClubE/518443 DCP
FarmingtonJGM Toastmasters*E/517549239   DCP
FarmingtonUTC Farm Springs Toastmasters Club*E/513993804   DCP
GlastonburyCharter Oak Toastmasters ClubE/53931 DCP
HartfordAetna Speaks Up!E/543610DCP
HartfordAXA XL Hartford Toastmasters*E/523257621  DCP
HartfordCaribbean American Toastmasters Club of Hartford - CATCHF/615187872 DCP
HartfordEnergy Toastmasters Club*E/533176  DCP
HartfordGreater Hartford ClubE/55919 DCP
HartfordLincoln-Hartford*E/541539132  DCP
HartfordOne State Street ToastmastersE/526613DCP
HartfordPrudent Speakers*E/52949212  DCP
HartfordRiverside Toastmasters ClubE/548330   DCP
HartfordStag Toastmasters Club*E/542908  DCP
HartfordTravelers Noontime Toastmasters*E/522532   DCP
HartfordUCONN School of Business Toastmasters*E/525118782  DCP
HartfordUnited Bank Toastmasters*E/557032838  DCP
HartfordUnitedHealth Group ClubE/521389  DCP
ManchesterNathan Hale ClubF/611484 DCP
New BritainHartford HealthCare Central Region Toastmasters Club*E/537330722   DCP
New BritainStanley Black & Decker Power Speakers*E/51898774  DCP
NewingtonCedar Hill Toastmasters ClubE/535520 DCP
Rocky HillBeacon Health Options CTD/425757817   DCP
Rocky HillHenkel Rocky Hill ToastmastersD/425189901   DCP
SouthingtonWebster Bank - Southington*B/225611576   DCP
West HartfordWest Hartford Toastmasters ClubE/543523DCP
Windsor@Lifespeed ToastmastersF/62651271 DCP
WindsorTalk It Up ToastmastersF/628045DCP
WindsorWindsor ClubF/614745 DCP
Litchfield County, CT
TorringtonTorrington ClubE/518270DCP
Middlesex County, CT
CromwellCromwell Community ToastmastersD/425908DCP
MiddletownMiddlesex County Toastmasters ClubD/438340DCP
New Haven County, CT
CheshireCheshire ClubB/228762 DCP
MadisonValley-Shore ClubD/443940  DCP
New HavenGreater New Haven Toastmasters ClubB/235436DCP
New HavenYale Toastmasters ClubB/23820 DCP
New HavenYNHH Health Information Mgmt*B/237106380   DCP
North HavenMedtronic North Haven Toastmasters*B/227066487  DCP
SouthburyNew DawnB/247723 DCP
WallingfordEagle ClubD/423161DCP
WaterburyBrass City ToastmastersB/241628DCP
WoodbridgeNutmeg ClubB/24764 DCP
New London County, CT
ColchesterAir Line Trail ClubD/436976DCP
GrotonPfizer Fearless Toastmasters Club*D/414430   DCP
GrotonPfizer Flying Toasters Toastmasters Club*D/414474  DCP
GrotonWest Side Storytellers*D/415557284   DCP
LedyardColonel Ledyard ToastmastersD/443007DCP
MysticMystic Aquarium ToastmastersD/443756118  DCP
New LondonNo SUBstitute Toastmasters*D/412157010  DCP
NianticNiantic Toastmasters ClubD/449213 DCP
NianticShoreline Advanced [email protected]D/444469715 DCP
NorwichNorwich Dime Bank ToastmastersD/434779255DCP
Berkshire County, MA
Great BarringtonSouthern Berkshire Toastmasters ClubG/718792DCP
LenoxLast Word ClubG/713853DCP
Franklin County, MA
GreenfieldMohawk Trail ToastmastersF/632344723DCP
Hampden County, MA
AgawamiToast*F/644039380   DCP
AgawamSpeech WeaversF/641347492DCP
East LongmeadowPioneer Valley ClubF/653902  DCP
HolyokeNE Toastmasters*F/633977588  DCP
SpringfieldBaystate Toastmasters*F/653663653  DCP
SpringfieldMass Mutual Club*F/655716  DCP
SpringfieldMassMutual Speakers Club*F/65426  DCP
SpringfieldToastmasters of Downtown Springfield, [email protected]F/656081 DCP
Hampshire County, MA
HadleySpeakeasy Toastmasters ClubF/635340DCP
New York
Albany County, NY
AlbanyCapital Toastmasters ClubG/756518DCP
AlbanyCHA Toastmasters (CHAT) Club*G/763528  DCP
AlbanyEmpire ToastmastersG/764518620 DCP
AlbanyNYS Forum Toastmasters*G/766606749   DCP
AlbanyPatroon Toastmasters ClubG/733863DCP
AlbanySpeak Easy*G/761891146DCP
AlbanyStratton VA ToastmastersG/766111DCP
AlbanyToastmasters Lunchtime ClubG/756560DCP
AlbanyToasTRS ClubG/738332 DCP
CohoesAyco Toastmasters Club*G/755965385  DCP
DelmarBethlehem ClubG/71542DCP
LathamCapital Advanced [email protected]G/751360121 DCP
Clinton County, NY
PlattsburghChamplain Valley ToastmastersG/744353818 DCP
Columbia County, NY
HudsonTaconic ToastmastersG/711435289 DCP
Dutchess County, NY
Hopewell JunctionEast Fishkill Toastmasters*A/139977  DCP
PoughkeepsieArlington Rotary Toastmasters ClubA/115614 DCP
PoughkeepsieDCRCOC ToastmastersA/114396DCP
PoughkeepsieIBM Poughkeepsie Toastmasters*A/11315  DCP
PoughkeepsieMarist Toastmasters Club*A/119107 DCP
PoughkeepsieSouthern Dutchess ToastmastersA/111436813DCP
PoughkeepsieThe Bureaucrats Toastmasters Club*A/11790849  DCP
Orange County, NY
MontgomeryHenry Hudson ClubA/134507DCP
Putnam County, NY
CarmelPutnam Speaks ClubA/134839 DCP
Rensselaer County, NY
RensselaerNYISO Toastmasters*G/73764383  DCP
TroyUncle Sam [email protected]G/731138DCP
Saratoga County, NY
Ballston SpaSaratoga Turf TalkersG/749748 DCP
Ballston SpaThorobred ClubG/747379 DCP
Clifton ParkClifton Park Halfmoon Toastmasters ClubG/757877 DCP
Clifton ParkGlobal Toasters*G/742907619 DCP
Schenectady County, NY
SchenectadyFighting Board-umsG/723823084  DCP
SchenectadyGE Niskayuna Toastmasters Club*G/75942287  DCP
SchenectadyGE Schenectady Speakers Club*G/72877627 DCP
SchenectadyKAPL Toastmasters Club*G/721331435  DCP
SchenectadyMohawk Toastmasters ClubG/721931  DCP
Sullivan County, NY
Loch SheldrakeCatskill Toastmasters ClubA/129542 DCP
Ulster County, NY
KingstonKingston-Rhinebeck Toastmasters ClubA/122623 DCP
KingstonWatershed Wordsmiths*A/126793357   DCP
New PaltzNew Paltz Toastmasters Club*A/125246353   DCP
Warren County, NY
Glens FallsNorth Country ClubG/746295DCP