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View the March 2019 Member Awards. 

Join us in congratulating your fellow Toastmasters who have achieved education and leadership awards during the previous calendar month.

District 53 Incentive Awards for Clubs & Members

Beat the Clock!
Clubs adding five new, dual or reinstated members during May and June receive a $25 Toastmasters gift certificate and a Beat the Clock! ribbon to display on the club's banner. In addition to the ribbon, clubs earn a special discount code for 10-percent off their next club order.
Pathways DCP Migration
Like pilgrims who settle in a new land, clubs that journey to Pathways will be rewarded by District 53. By achieving from two to all six DCP education goals through Pathways, clubs can earn from $25 to $100 in Toastmasters Gift Certificates.
Moments of Truth
Clubs conducting the Moments of Truth module will receive a $25 TI gift certificate and recognition at the next District Conference.
New Member Incentive
Members who personally sponsor 5 new members between July 1st and June 30th will receive a $25 TI gift certificate from District 53 and pin of recognition from Toastmasters International.
Share Your Success Secrets
What sets your club apart? How do you make your meetings so much fun that members just can't stay away? What has your open house attract so many guests? Share what your club does to create fun, excitement, interest, and satisfaction, and your club could win a $100 TI gift certificate.
Open House Incentive
The District will award the club a $50 Toastmasters gift certificate for conducting a successful event. Hold an Open House and submit the event flier or agenda, guest attendance report, and the names of at least two new members who joined.

Club Historical Reports

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Help plan your club's future by leaning how your club did over the past decade, or longer. Click the DCP History link to review your club's past performance. Find your club's history now...

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