Coronavirus Update: We are committed to the health and safety of our members. ALL remaining division speech contests are postponed. Since we have many clubs losing their meeting venues and others concerned about health of members, there are now online meeting options. For more information, go to the District 53 Coronavirus Update.

Online Division Contests & Training

View the updated contest schedule for the remaining division contests, all to be conducted online between April 11th and April 29th.

Online contest training webinars, available via Zoom, are being held for contestants, judges, and other contest functionaries. View the online training schedule.

The District 53 International Speech and Evaluation Contests will be held online on Saturday, June 13th.

District 53 2020 Conference Cancelled

After an Emergency Executive meeting with Region 9's International Director, Regional Advisor, and District Directors, District 53 Senior Team voted unanimously to cancel our District Conference for this program year due to the impact from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our next District Conference will be held in Connecticut in May 2021.

Please note: District 53’s Spring 2020 District Council Business Meeting will be held as an online meeting covering district officer elections, district realignment, and finance reviews. The District Executive Committee will meet on Sunday, March 29th to discuss an alternative date. The “Call to Meeting Notification” will be sent to all District Council members one month prior to this meeting.

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Pathways Path Pins

Take the Next Step!

Club achieving any of the Distinguished Club Program goals P1, P2, P3, or P4 will receive special “recognition baskets” consisting of Path Pins and Level Tags for rewarding their members. Learn more...

Marketing Brochures & Fliers

Marketing Brochures & Flyers

Toastmasters offers several marketing resources to help clubs attract more members. We've assembled the most useful materials so you won't need to search. View the selection of brochures & fliers...