Join Pathways Training Webinars

Many District 53 clubs have voiced their interest in broader training on the Pathways educational program. To satisfy this continuing need, we have scheduled two repeating webinars to cover Base Camp Management and Getting Started in Pathways. Learn more & register...

Upgrade Your Speech Contest Skills

In these three webinars, you will: 1) Learn the procedures for running a quality speech contest; 2) Learn how to effectively judge a Toastmasters speech contest; 3) Learn how to conduct an area and division contest; and get the answers to your questions. Learn more & register...

Leader Training Begins November 9th

Day, Date & TimeLocation 
Sat, Nov 16
UCONN Stamford
1 University Place, Stamford, CT 06901

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Distinguished Club Program ribbons

​Congratulations to 2​018-2019 Distinguished Clubs

District 53 recognizes all the clubs which can now proudly display their 2018-2019 Distinguished Club Program accomplishments by adding a new ribbon to their club banner. View the list of Distinguished clubs...

Marketing Brochures & Fliers

Marketing Brochures & Fliers

Toastmasters offers several marketing resources to help clubs attract more members. We've assembled the most useful materials so you won't need to search. View the selection of brochures & fliers...

Pathways Path Pins

Take the Next Step!

Any club completing goal P1 of the DCP (four members earn Level 1 in any Path), will receive a special “recognition basket” consisting of four Path Pins, a Pathways tracking chart, a Pathways guidebook, and four Level 2 tags. Learn more...

Open House

Holding an Open House?

Choose from a variety of open house materials including a news release, several different flyers, and PowerPoint presentations. View all the Open House materials on the TI website...